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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Plant Review - Phlox David

A Plant worth sharing
Flower Review
David is one good looking perennial and he smells really good too. Yes, I have the hots for him.
I mean really just look how he glows, he seems to have some sort of inner light.
David stands about 4 feet tall just right for the back or middle of the border.
I have him in full sun on the south side in the Georgia heat.
I know not very nice treatment for your average guy but David really likes it HOT.
I start seeing Davids blooms a little after the 4th of July and it go's on until my birthday in September. Three months of flowers!
The scent is deep and warm and just gives me goose pimples.
He will produce enough flowers to cut and to just leave and enjoy in the garden.

Needless to say I highly recommend David.
He is easy to find many online stores carry him.

Please note I am not trying to sell anything just showing options to those who are looking to add David to your home and enjoy him as much as I have.

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