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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Painting Mushroom Pots

I wanted to share a project that we did as a family a few years ago that we did as a family.

Mushroom Pots

A wine bucket clay pot  or a tall slim one(I found them at garden ridge for $1.00)
Clay pots that will fit over the wine bucket
Paint in many colors
A clear coat
News Paper

Give everyone a clay pot, brushes and paint...and let them have at it!
After they are finished put a clear coat on and let them sit in a garage or covered porch for a few days to set.
fill the wine bucket pot with sand and place your painted pots on top.

Toadstool Tips 
(extra info)
You can also just make a house and set it on the ground like the one at the left.  
To make it easier to paint set it on the wine bucket base.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Painted Fairy House Pots

These are fun to make and set around the garden.

Terra Cotta pots
Polyurethane water base
Several different colors or crafting paint water based
Paint Brushes
A Big Imagination

1. Start with clean pots...a water bleach solution will get rid of any dirt and grime. Let it dry completely.

2. Coat all pots with polyurethane and let them dry overnight.

3. Gather the kids, and painting supplies and let the imaginations run rampant.

4. Once the kids and you have completed your creative huts and the paint is dry. Apply two to three coats of polyurethane, letting them dry completely. I know this part isn't as fun, but you have to protect these works of art, especially if you are going to place them in the garden.