A garden is a love song, a duet betweena human being and Mother Nature.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Getting Rid Of Crack and Pathway Weeds

Forgiveness is...
The scent a Violet leaves
On the heel that has
Crushed it.
Author Unknown

Toadstool Tips
(extra info)
If you really want to get rid of weeds growing in pathways. Then I have a simple solution for you.

Boiling Salt Water
Take your biggest pot fill it with water, bring it to a boil add a whole container of table salt. And pour it on. I have a brick area around my fire pit that I ladle it on twice a year.

What is Going On

Though it is winter I do have a few days to enjoy working out in the yard.  With plenty of sticks to pick up  and an unbelievable amount of acorns rake up I have more than enough to do.  But on a few nice days I turn the garden and compost.  The parsley is still nice and bushy and I have even seen a few Swallow Tail larva.  In the fall their caterpillar form was munching out...one of their favorite foods and I have plenty to share.  Especially since I will enjoy the winged beauties in the spring.
I planted Sweet Peas (flowering variety)

 and Bachelor Buttons in the early fall last year.

 They have gotten nice and full but alas no flora.  I have added Phosphorus and Potassium on three separate occasion.  Maybe In the Spring I will see some action...if not, they've got to go!