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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How to make a pot tower


What you will need
1 - 12 or 14 inch clay pot
3 - 10 inch clay pots
1 - 6 foot re-bar
1- Hammer
Potting soil
12 plants (Sun or Shade depending on location

1) Place your newspaper on the ground in your chosen location...this will keep the weeds from growing up.

2) Set your largest pot on top of newspaper.

3) Take the re-bar and put it in the center of the drainage hole and hammer it in 12 inches.

4) Fill your pot with soil.

5) Thread your first 10" pot by putting the re-bar thru the drainage hole and rest it on the soil in a tilted manner.

6) Finish threading the rest of the pots.

Note: If your re-bar is sticking out the top too far you can hammer it down further.

7) Fill the pots with soil and plant.

Water well, be sure to gently water your plants as the dirt wants to run over the lip. Once your plants grow up they will fill in and hold the dirt better.

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