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Monday, April 23, 2012

How To Stop Cut Worm

Cut worms can stop a garden before it is even started. I found a way to stop them without spending a dime.
Yes, Those are toilet paper rolls. I kept a container under my bathroom sink and I would just toss the empty ones in it all winter long. Paper towel rolls will do just as well...they are the same diameter, who knew?
Just cut them into rings, wide enough to be pushed down in the soil...about 2 inches. Some of mine are not wide enough. But little people hands were helping me...and they make it more fun.
Then just slip the ring over the seedling and secure it in the soil. The ring will decompose on its own. For those of you wondering, this is a pickling cucumber growing here. OH I cant wait for bread and butter pickles...yes, I will be sharing Nana's recipe.

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