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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gardening By The Squre Foot April Update

The strange weather has had its way with my garden this year. But I am not giving up! And the Cucumber aren't either. Sorry about the photo's, It was early AM and the Sun hadn't hit the spot yet.
We had a great crop of leaf lettuce, but with the hotter days it is starting to bolt. Alex went lettuce crazy and filled up his block pockets with the yummy leaves.
The beets seem to be coming along just fine. We lost a few in the cold-hot snaps. But they seem to be filling in. We will be planting more once the lettuce is spent...we like our beets.
Believe it or not this is the best looking tomato plant of the bunch (Black Cherry) A few other varieties were planted in the kids beds as well as some patio pots. We will see how they do. Pitiful things.
The peppers, leeks, basil and eggplant seem to have made it through all right. We had to replant the beans, something bit the heads off. Here I put my neat little toilet paper rings around them and then something go's and bites their heads off. UGH!
Peppers with Leeks in background
Here are my lovely Cucumbers....Ya for the cucumbers...I am very proud of the yellow flower here that will be a yummy pickle in a few weeks. All of them did very well, even the ones in the pots on the patio.
Here is my patio pots, they were full of weeds and yucky dirt, so we cleaned them out and washed them down and tucked in some veg and flowers.
Has anyone else been having trouble with the crazy weather? If so what type of troubles are you having? Let me know so I won't feel like a complete failure. Well, I can always blame it on the kids.

Don't forget to stop by on the weekends and share your gardening greatness.

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