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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Over the Past few weeks the Kids and I have been taking cuttings and collecting seeds.
Trinity got me started on the cuttings, she likes to make flower arrangements and place them around the house. She is actually really good at it, putting together things I would have never done.
Bat Wing Begonia

As her creations fade I'd go around and collect them, I noticed after awhile that one arrangement didn't fade, on further investigation it had rooted. My little girl is a smart little flower fairy.
That was all it took, I was out cutting everything in sight and putting it in water. I thought I would share with everyone my findings on what took root.

Wax Begonia
I have not tried to root the Bat Wing Begonia yet, but I'm betting it will since the Wax Begonia did.
Also I am not sure since they are annuals how they will survive. Once rooted I am planning on potting them and putting them back in the window. I will let you know how it go's, if I succeed I have saved a bunch of money and I will have more annuals than I could have bought.

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