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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Burpee vx. Annies

I decided to do a little experiment, I had two packs of Bachelor Button - Blue Boy seed. Both were purchased this year and both were the same type of seed.

Burpee $1.15
Annies $2.00

I did have to pay shipping on Annies darn I'm not sure what that would add to the price. And I did have to pay gas to go to Home Depot to buy the Burpee ugh.

I planted one flat of each supplier and I wanted to share my results.
The Tray on the left is Burpee and the one on the Right is Annies each tray holds 36 seedlings. Only 7 of the Burpee's came up. And 21 of the Annies. I still have more seeds left in the packets as well.
A few more of the Annies came up after this photo was taken but no more from the Burpee.
What made me decide to do this experiment? Well, I found that certain seed in the spring did well and certain seeds didn't. I already had an idea about it, but I wanted to try this to make sure.
Once the true leafs pop out and the plants get better roots I will compare them again then slip them in the ground. Lucky me, living in the south I can grow these in the fall. I am going to add them to the humming bird garden. Just to cool off all the red a bit.

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