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Monday, July 23, 2012

The Vegtable Pach

The Basil has gone crazy! So I will Be making Pesto and freezing it Tomorrow. Any other Basil recipe ideas?
My Morning glory is full and lush but she is holding out on the flowers...I gave her a good dose of bone mean for her triteness. The beets didn't get much bigger than a radish, so disappointing, i had to go buy some to make pickled beets. I will be making a trip to the farmers market to pick up the fixins for some peach salsa. I can a little of it...it doesn't last but a few months...but mercy is it good. I put up some peaches so I can make it when it doe's.

Alex's cucumber vines are showing off big time, and so is he. They still are stingy on producing enough to make Bread and Butter pickles...I'm going to have pick those up at the market as well, I have been hankerin for some for years now. The are worth every second of slicing, chilling and canning. I promise to share my Moms recipe. I am not a recipe snob, food just taste better when you can share it and what the heck are you going to do with when your gone?
OK I have come across two flowers this one above is in my yard. The flower is about 1/2 inch across and a soft lavender color. I'm not sure if its a weed or something that has seeded itself. Its not periwinkle (vinca vine) the flower is too big but the leaves resemble it in shape but not texture.
Here is the other I saw on a walk. It is a vine and has a saucer shape flower with a little handle sticking up. It is a light lavender color as well. I sure would appreciate it if anyone new what these are.

Happy Gardening

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  1. I just found this vine in my yard in Tallahassee. Total mystery! I would love to know what it is.