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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Propagation with cuttings and water

My Magic Window

I am constantly seeing what I can propagate in water, and surprisingly...more than you would think possible. And in some cases an excellent success rate, more than 80%.  Besides the Ivy, I have Gardenias and bat wing begonias.  Both are from plants that I had propagated last year off of cuttings. 

Here is what I have learned:

First: Clean water is a must, I constantly change out the water in my cutting bottles.  So its a good idea...if you can...to have your Magic Window above your kitchen sink or in the bathroom.  Makes it easier.

one year old gardenias from cuttings

 Timing is everything with gardenias, after the bush has flowered and new bright green growth has appeared take your cuttings.  I go down and make a cut right above a leaf node, my cutting are usually between 4-5inches long. 

Pinch off about two inches of leaf so you have a nice stem to go down in the water.

Be patient, keep the water clean and before you know it you will see tiny bumps where the leaves were that you pinched off.  These are the roots forming.

Once your Gardenias have a good root system established you can plant them in a small growing container.  As they grow be sure to transfer them to larger pots.

one year old begonia from cutting
These are allot of fun because they root up so quickly.

Make cuttings that give you a long stem with two leaves.  Remove any flower and extra leaves, my stems are about 1-2 inches long.

These will push out roots rather quickly...almost too quickly.  I have actually taken cutting from my cuttings while they are still in water.

After a good bit of roots have developed pot them in starter pots. 

I propagate these year round I bring my potted ones inside to take cutting from keeping them in a sunny location and watered.   

Before the first frost in the fall, I will take cutting from those that remain in the ground.  Giving me a yard full of there bright green leaves and red blooms year round.

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