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Monday, June 2, 2014

Tomatoes, squash, peppers Spring 2014

This post is more for me so I can keep track of the garden, but I do read over other gardeners post like this and I do enjoy them...so I hope you like it too.
I laid out more tomato boxes, last year I used the smaller concrete bricks, but the concrete glue
didn't hold up as well and I had to re-glue them.  I took apart the back raised bed and used the cinder blocks to make several more tomato boxes.  These didn't have to be glued together and gave me little pockets to plant flowers, herbs and such.

Tomatoes this year:
From Last years seeds from Annie's:

Green Zebra
Juane Flamme
Black Cherry
White Queen

This years seed from Pikes:
San Marzano
Speckled Roman

Planted in the pockets around the tomatoes:
Left over seeds from packets various places and collected from last year seed heads:

French Marigolds
Single Red Marigolds
Yellow full head Marigolds
White Vinca

Genovese Basil

Zinnia Giant Double Mix
Radish French Breakfast

Zinnia Lilliput Mix
Cosmos Bright Lights
Zinnia Polar Bear

Pepper plants were purchased at Pikes all Organic

(1) Gold California Wonder
(1) Sweet Banana
(1) Ancho Ploblano
(3) Jalapeno
(3) Bell Boy

Strawberry seeds from Annie's were directly sewn in the front block squares across the front

Other squares are from seeds planted in other places that too many seedling popped up so I moved them.  I also planted gardenias that I started from cuttings.  And some sweet alyssum that came back from last year.

Summer Squash was planted along the back.  It is Annie's Summer Squash mix seed that include:

Blaco di Triste, Black Beauty, Tondo di Piacenza and early prolific straightneck.

The speedwell also known as virronica is doing very well.  I had to separate it last year into four plants.  This year all but three will need separation again.  This is an awesome plant one of my favoirites.

The second bed had the Annie's Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumbers seeding everywhere, we enjoyed them last year so I thinned them out and transplanted them on the trellis to the left.  The transplanted beautifully.  Along the back trellis is the same squash as the other bed.  On the front are so strawberries I got two years ago from Walmart.  I really don't care for them.  They are small and don't produce well.  The ants have been fighting me on the front left, it will be dry for awhile so they will get some grits.


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