A garden is a love song, a duet betweena human being and Mother Nature.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Starting Seeds

 We started several seedling in trays. To get an early start this year on our garden. January 22, 2012
We have a full tray of Leeks (American Flag) Ferry-Morse $1.25
In the other tray: Organic Cilantro - Burpee $1.88
                          Mint (Spearmint) Burpee $1.00
                          Organic Parsley (Single Italian Plain-Leaf) Burpee $1.88
                          Catnip - Burpee $1.57
These seeds and the trays were purchased at Low's
The trays came two to a pack offering 72 cells for $7.99 The soil pellets have no netting around them so the roots wont get bound up (Like that) The cell tray fits down into another tray to catch all the water and it also has a clear lid to keep in moisture.  We used food spears to make holes to put the seeds in.

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