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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trash Picking

Remember when I was complaining about all the junk that was left around the campground from past campers...well...the kids and I went trash picking and we found this swing.
The frame was rusty at the joints and the paint had faded. The swing had lost most of its paint and the rest was flaking off. The chains were rusting out and needed replacing.

But under all this we saw potential. So we dragged it out of a heap of stuff (ruined my shirt) and started giving it some TLC.
We set the parts up on a ladder rack that was left behind...hummmm...with a tarp and some hay bails I see this ladder rack turning into a fort...OK getting of child labor subject. The kids and I got to work scraping and sanding.
Voila we have us a recycle swing. The bails of straw were found as well...good garden of peas! they were heavy. Not sure how long they will last...but they were free.

All the pots, signs, flags and what-knots where from my house. A friend brought me a Mum as a Trailer Trash (house) warming gift. I nabbed another one at the Walmart. I still need to fill the hanging baskets, it may not be my gardens at home but its something I can putter with and get some of natures beauty near me.

I guess we will do some more trash pickin'.I have been eyeing a stove left at another sight.

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