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Friday, June 17, 2011

Drying Hydrangea's

Its amazing how cool these look...when its in the 90's...

My Lovely little hydrangea garden has brought me much pleasure over the years...The flowers Open up in June and go through a myriad of color.

I have enjoyed cutting, drying and crafting with these lovelies...
So I thought I would share the best way I have found to dry them...I like to do things naturally, if I can...so I let nature do the job for me...I just work very close with her.

Drying Hydrangea's

1. Most important, cut them when they are papery feeling. They kind of rustle when you touch the flour and they may be a bit green around the edges.

2. Cut them the day after a good rain or a deep watering.
3. Strip all the leaves off (Hold it at the neck and pull your hand down the stalk will take the leaves off).
4. Take them inside and take off any brown flowers, missed leaves...just spruce them up a bit.
5. Trim the stalk, do not trim them all the same length they are going to need air while drying.
6. Arrange them in a container of water making sure there is good air flow (this is why you trimmed them at different lengths)
7. Place them around the house away from direct sunlight and any AC vents.
8. Do not water again unless you cut them fresh.

9. Now have fun decorating or making gifts.

I would love to show photo's of my house right now...its all Blue! But alas my camera is not working...heading out to camera store for repair!

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