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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Painting Mushroom Pots

I wanted to share a project that we did as a family a few years ago that we did as a family.

Mushroom Pots

A wine bucket clay pot  or a tall slim one(I found them at garden ridge for $1.00)
Clay pots that will fit over the wine bucket
Paint in many colors
A clear coat
News Paper

Give everyone a clay pot, brushes and paint...and let them have at it!
After they are finished put a clear coat on and let them sit in a garage or covered porch for a few days to set.
fill the wine bucket pot with sand and place your painted pots on top.

Toadstool Tips 
(extra info)
You can also just make a house and set it on the ground like the one at the left.  
To make it easier to paint set it on the wine bucket base.

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