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Monday, March 14, 2011

How to Grow Raspberries


Doesn't your mouth start watering at the word RASPBERRIES, I know mine does.

Now is the time to plant.
Even better news is that they are very easy to grow. And in three years you will have more berries than you know what to do with them.

First: Select your sight, brambles like lots of sun. They are related to the rose so if you can plant a rose in your chosen spot you can plant a raspberry.

Second: Condition your soil, brambles are know to like loamy sandy soil. But I live in Georgia and I know you all have heard of Georgia Clay. When I prepared my sight, which was about 15 feet long for three canes. I added a bag of sand (do not use play sand used builders sand) And a wheelbarrow of compost. I worked this in to a depth of 1 foot. Raspberries are shallow rooted.

NOTE: Your berries will need something to support them. My husband put 4 post in the ground and attached chicken wire between them...sort of like a chicken wire wall. As the canes grew I tied them to the wire.

Third: Choose your canes, make sure there isn't allot of scarring and it has healthy buds and is very flexible.

Planting: Only plant them to the depth they are in there container. If you prepared your sight there is nothing you need to add. Just give them a good drink.

The first year you will not get anything. The second year you will get a good bowl full and the third year you will feel you were blessed by the berry faeries.
  This is a pot of Raspberrie Jelly....yum!

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