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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas For The Birds

Today I though of some very dear friends of mine that have never spoken to me. At least not like my Friends, my kids or my husband has. If they have anything at all to say they sing it...in the spring and summer they Wake me every morning with a song. I watch them play and eat outside my window. The leave me gifts of nest, eggs and feathers.
Today I gave them their Christmas gift and I wanted to share it with you all. It didn't take much...I think I spent $6.00 on bird food at Kroger. I pulled out Peanut butter and lard, I already had.  And collected a basket of pine cones and red yarn from my stash. It took me maybe 30 minutes to cover five cones in the gooey mixture, roll them in the seed and tie a red thread. Then I hung them on the tree, as I was putting the second one one the first already had chickadees nibbling at it.
While I was outside I noticed how red the berries were on the Hollie and thought what a shame it was on the back of my property where I couldn't enjoy it. So I started cutting at the holly bush, pulled up some Ivy and cut off some boxwood, got some craft wire and pliers and started wrapping up my pole. It looked really nice, I remembered I had an old red bow inside so I grabbed it after I washed out and refilled the humming bird feeder. I usually don't use the red food color but I just couldn't help myself, being the red season and all, it just looked so nice.
I make sure my bird feeder is where I can see it from inside, so my friends and I can visit often. Once a wren moved in on the back porch, where we have our class room. It took over a basket of ropes and had three babies. We were lucky enough to witness their first flight.

How fortunate I am to have such nice friends.

(I wish the pictures were larger but it wouldn't let me change them...sorry)

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