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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Making of a Wagon Garden

A fellow gardener and online friend inspired this project. She had made an inspiring wagon garden and after Trinity and I stopped drooling we got to work.
Can you see Trinity in the back Swinging?
First we chanced by a sale at Hobby Lobby and got all the neat little miniatures...of course we were just there for the wooden sticks for the fence along with some white paint...and get this the paint was called "Garden Gate."
Trinity was awesome with the moss. She made it all fit together and patted it with her sweet little hands.

Trinity's hands...pat...pat...

She and I had been needing a good Girly project that didn't include glittery nail polish. It took us two days to apply several coats of paint. She was an expert at placement, I kept my know it all adult opinions to myself and let her guide the project...as you can see it is lovely...I guess we adults don't know everything after all.
Found a new use for my bird house barn

To visit Sue and her unbelievable garden...yes I am still drooling...and you will too...visit her here http://suesgardenjournal.blogspot.com/ be sure to take a napkin to wipe your chin.

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